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My morning routine

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

My favourite way to start the day is to meditate before I do anything else. I love meditating before I’ve fully woken up when it feels easier to access that beautiful state of stillness. I love Insight timer, an app with thousands of glorious guided meditations. Davidji and Sarah Blondin are two of my faves.

I love having a green juice or smoothie. And dancing some Nia! If I’m being really indulgent I love having a lazy morning with a full vegan breakfast, toast made from the gorgeous bread from our amazing local bakery in Burntisland, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Neil also makes gorgeous spicy garlicky beans on toast - with avocado YUM. I just love food!

Oh! Snuggling my babe is also one of my fave morning activities! Or a walk on the beach.

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