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Spectacular School gives you the opportunity to go deep and learn how to facilitate huge transformations for your clients.

What's Involved?

The School of Science
& Magic
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Spectacular School is for anyone who’s witnessed the magic of coaching in action and wants to be part of The Joy Movement! It’s for you if you want to train to become a coach in an environment that isn’t a yawn fest! We cover your vision for your life and taking radical responsibility, your unique zone of genius and how to harness it, co-dependency, your money stories, boundaries, the self-care skills that will help you stay in your lane, and so much more! Our primary aim is to literally transform your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  You’ll break through old beliefs that are holding you back and you’ll create new stories that feel fully aligned. On the coaching side you’ll receive all the training you need to build a successful coaching practice and believe in yourself!

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Includes live events!!


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  • 6 Months of Teaching (Weekly training & supervision - Fridays 11-1pm and 1.30-2.30pm)

  • Participant in Freedom Joy Magic

  • Ticket to LIVE event.

  • 1-2-1 Coaching

  • Nia Dancing

  • Celebration Station

“Spectacular School creates the opportunity for you to ground and build a solid foundation to start your journey. It’s raw, honest but most importantly authentically supportive. Spectacular School stands beside you as you walk through the door into the next chapter of your life.”



Spectacular School - Payment Plan



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12 x Monthly Instalments

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Spectacular School - Pay In Full



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  • Where does the event happen?
    The Event takes place online on Zoom. After booking you will receive a welcome email with the event link! There is a private invitation-only Facebook group for all participants so you can connect and share throughout the week and beyond!
  • If I can't attend live or miss some sessions, can I catch up?
    Absolutely! All teachings, celebration stations and workshops are recorded and will be available to watch on catch up in the private members-only Facebook group shortly after each session.
  • How much magic can really happen in just a few days?
    Sign up and see! Check out the testimonials for some of the huge transformations that have happened for people!
  • How do I connect with other people on the course?
    You will feel the magic just by attending the live events but the very best way to build long-lasting connections is to join the Facebook group, show up there, post videos, respond to challenges, support fellow people on the course... just be yourself and be seen! See what can happen when you choose to go all in!
  • I've done it before. Can I sign up again?
    Of course! It's is an incredible way to shake things up and get really focused on what you want in life and to keep the momentum going. Many participants come back time and time again for our events because it's intensive, challenging in the best way, and super fun!
  • Where can I find the full schedule?
    You'll find all the timings on this page.
  • Do you have Closed Captions on Zoom?
    Yes - I enable live transcript on all teaching and group coaching Zoom sessions. If you have any additional accessibility requirements please let us know in the booking form.
  • I don't live in the UK, can I still attend?
    Yes! The course is delivered via Zoom so you can attend wherever you live in the world! We are currently on BST here, if there are any timings that don't quite suit you, sessions are recorded so you can play sessions back at a time to suit you. *Please note that BST ends in Autumn and will revert back to GMT - we recommend that you check the time zone when booking your spot.
  • I have another question that's not been answered!
    Give our amazing team over at Joy HQ a shout


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