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Spectacular School gives you the opportunity to go deep and learn how to facilitate huge transformations for your clients.

The School of Science
& Magic
Applications are now open!

Spectacular School combines an evidence-based scientific approach with fun, magic, and a high vibe community to create a course full of both integrity AND joy!


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  • 6 Months of Teaching (Weekly training & supervision)

  • 1-2-1 Coaching every two weeks

  • Participant in Relationship Magic (8 weeks)

  • Coach in Relationship Magic (8 weeks) 

  • Group Coaching

  • Nia Dancing twice a week

  • Reiki

  • Celebration Station


“Spectacular School creates the opportunity for you to ground and build a solid foundation to start your journey. It’s raw, honest but most importantly authentically supportive. Spectacular School stands beside you as you walk through the door into the next chapter of your life.”


For 6 months you will have an amazing opportunity to go very deep yourself whilst learning how to facilitate huge transformations for your clients!


As well as having fun, learning, spreading healing and love you also get the opportunity to make some of your investment back! 



“I look forward to the connection and learning every single week. The sense of community and bond between us trainee coaches is unreal – it’s genuine, deep and like no other community I have ever experienced before.”


“I signed up for the personal growth aspects and never intended to be a coach but now I’m coaching and I flippin love it! What I didn’t expect to happen was that through dealing with my own stuff (my relationship with myself and how I’m showing up in the world)… I realised that those tools and skills that I’d acquired would be really useful for other people! And so I flipping love coaching other people now! I’ve got better at having healthy boundaries, I’m a more effective communicator, I don’t get caught up so much in my head. I am really committed to this one sweet life. Something that’s really powerful is the community that’s tied up in Sarah’s Joy Movement. Doing this work on your own is one thing but doing it as part of a community is something entirely different. It’s so flipping powerful. So if you are sitting on the fence wondering “hmmm what’s that all about, ooh God I can’t be like that”, if you’re doubting anything, do yourself a favour and dive in and give it a go. Nothing ventured nothing gained!”