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For Coaches, Healers, Doulas & psychologists to propel you forward in your VISION for your precious fleeting life with the help of this glorious community. Fortnightly zoom meetings with Sarah which include supervision, biz boasts, group coaching and world class support to be the best version of you. Access to live events, dance and other masterclasses aimed at supporting you to be the best version of YOU - in body mind emotions and spirit.


During Dr Sarah Madigan's time as a Clinical Psychologist supervision was a key component to maintaining the highest standard of practice. This is something missing in the many industries.

Here at The Joy Movement we are focused on giving you the tools and ongoing mentoring to SOAR so that you can hold space for your your clients in the most unique and professional way! One of our main aims is to literally transform your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

As well as expert supervision of your practice, we will be developing and growing your super - VISIONS for your businesses in the most exciting and expansive way! I have gone from borrowing money to pay the mortgage only a few years ago to turning over a quarter of a million pounds this last year! Having SO MUCH FUN whilst I'm at it!


Let me show you how. 

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Give your business it's SUPER-Power!



Fortnightly 2 hour group zoom meetings (Wednesdays 10am-12pm) with Dr Sarah Madigan, where you can take anything that has come up for you, celebrate your wins and receive supervision of your practice as well as receiving teaching and coaching on your Super-VISION. 

Fortnightly smaller group meetings for more intimate coaching (Wednesdays 10am - 11am for group A, 11am - 12pm for group B)


Access to clinical psychologist

As well as being a world class coach, Sarah is a senior clinical psychologist and is here to support you to fully transform the way you think, feel and behave!


Access to Freedom Joy Magic

You will get ongoing access to our Freedom Joy Magic course and you will get access to our in-person event JIVE.


In-person events!

You will also get access to exclusive Super-VISION in person days! As well as access to a larger in-person event that Sarah runs!

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