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A 10 Week Expedition to Your Inner Universe

Tranquility in a Turbocharged World

In a world inundated with non-stop notifications, endless to-do lists, and constant advertisements telling us to do more, have more, and be more, it's no wonder we feel overwhelmed. Our minds are a swirling vortex of thoughts, thousands of them, each and every day. This leaves us with a crucial, often neglected question: amid all this ceaseless noise and mental clutter, how do you find genuine respite?

In this modern maze of distractions, many of us turn to quick fixes. We numb out with the latest binge-worthy series, lose ourselves in the infinite scroll of social media, or indulge in retail therapy to fill the emptiness. Meditation, on the other hand, is always there—patient, non-judgmental, waiting for you to step away from the external chaos and come back to yourself for inner peace.

From Personal Loss to Universal Connection

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Neil's Story

Before life threw me its toughest curveball, I was a regular guy who loved going to gigs and enjoying life's simple pleasures, (a bit of a skeptic too!). Everything changed when my son Finlay came into my life, and even more so when he tragically left us. After his passing, I found solace and purpose in gardening—a practice that allowed me to stay grounded while pondering life's deeper questions.


This led me to delve into the realms beyond our everyday physical reality. Whether you're a skeptic like I once was, or someone already on a spiritual path, my unique blend of practicality and spiritual inquisitiveness makes this course something genuinely different. I'm here to guide you through the art of meditation, unlocking not just the sanctuary within you but also connecting you to the boundless energy that exists beyond the physical.

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 I have completed the Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Training

certified by the DavidJi Meditation Academy

The Course

This is an invitation to explore the untapped dimensions of your own being—where real connection, peace, and joy reside.

10 Weeks

A 10-week journey to unlock your inner peace and explore realms beyond.

In-Person Event

Celebrate, connect, and meditate at our final event in Burntisland, Scotland.

1:1 Sessions

Three personal sessions with Neil to customise your meditation path.

Ancient Wisdom

Dive into age-old techniques to enrich your spiritual and emotional life.

Weekly Workshops

Each week brings a new workshop to deepen your practice and connection.

Modern Science

Apply the latest research to optimise your health and deepen your practice.

Sink into the in-between
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This Is it for you!

If you're intrigued by the prospect of navigating both ancient wisdom and modern science, and you resonate with a balanced approach that is equally spiritual and down-to-earth, I have designed this course specifically for you.

  • Overthinkers: If your mind is a never-ending loop of thoughts and worries, this course will teach you to still the chatter.

  • Stress Magnets: Feel like stress follows you wherever you go? Learn techniques to manage it effectively.

  • Time-Starved: Struggling to find 'me-time' amid a busy schedule? Discover how to make time for what truly matters.

  • Spiritual Seekers: Interested in exploring what lies beyond the physical world? This course delves into that space.

  • Wellness Enthusiasts: If you're looking for holistic health benefits—mind, body, and soul—this course has got you covered.

  • Beginners & Skeptics: Whether you've never meditated before or you're sceptical about its benefits, this course is your entry point.

  • Disconnected: Feel detached from yourself or others? Learn how to foster deeper connections and live authentically.

For You
Starts 22nd November 2023

Special BETA Price Launch


You're in luck! As one of the first to embark on this transformative journey with me, you get exclusive access to our special beta pricing. While the course will normally be priced at £800, we're offering it to our initial students for just £400. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive deep into meditation at a fraction of the future cost!


Course Recap...

10 Week Course with Neil Madigan

Weekly workshops (60 mins -90 mins)

Three 30 minute 1:1 sessions with Neil

In-person event in Burntisland, Scotland

Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Modern Science behind Meditation

Create foundations for a consistent meditation practice.

Learn various meditation techniques leaning into ones that work best for you

Includes In-Person Event
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