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Dr Sarah Madigan!


I'm Sarah.

Your life loving, joy seeking, sweary, woo woo, hippie doctor.  I have created three ground-breaking courses that are set to light you the F up!


Prior to becoming a transformational coach, I was a clinical psychologist working in the NHS. I had battled with debilitating anxiety for 20 years and at times felt like a fraud because I could help others but I couldn't help myself.  But now, through practicing and living all of the magic that I teach I have utterly transformed my life. I facilitate the most amazing transformations in those I work with, and guess what?   It doesn’t have to be in a cold clinical environment anymore!


I get to work with people in the most fun, authentic and aligned way. I adore witnessing people stepping into their most beautiful and brilliant selves, creating their best lives and relationships. I am able to hold the most safe and supportive container, which enables people to take risks, embrace radical responsibility, be vulnerable, step into their power and become the incredible creators of their lives! 

To find out more about me and my journey I invite you take a look at my debut book "I cannot get this wrong".

The ch ch ch-anges Kate noticed in herself

2 months ago my partner and I were separating.  I was looking for a new home, thinking how we could co-parent our 3 kids and wondering which bit of furniture I would get.  Today we have been planning our hand-fasting ceremony!  11 years of blurred boundaries, fucked up communication, major patterns of co-dependency and wondering what the hell was going wrong.


Rewritten in 2 months with Sarah's expert guidance and amazing coaching.

Dr Sarah Madigan in Bliss


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When we have someone who 100% believes in us, helps us focus, holds us accountable, pushes us, helps us stop giving a F about what other people think, the possibilities are truly endless.   


Pick from one of three groundbreaking courses designed to hold you to your highest, most brave and authentic self.  If you are willing to dive deep, get vulnerable, be brave, show up, take 100% responsibility for your life, ready to live life at cause rather than effect, ready for serious change and are all in, then let's start making magic happen.

BS to Bliss

4 days

Intro level designed to introduce you to the science and magic.

Sarah Outdoors in Bliss
Relationship Magic

8 Weeks

Intermediate level designed to take you deeper.

Madigan Family Bliss
Spectacular School

6 Months

Levelling up for those who want to facilitate change or dive super deep for their own transformations.

Beach Bliss
  • Relationship Magic August 2022
    01 Aug, 17:15 BST – 28 Sept, 19:00 BST
    Join me, Dr Sarah Madigan, Clinical Psychologist, Transformational Coach and Relationship Expert and my AMAZING dream team, for an 8 week online FUN EXTRAVAGANZA!!
  • Spectacular School 2022
    05 Aug 2022, 18:00 – 03 Feb 2023, 18:00
    Join our 6 month, deep dive, transformational Spectacular School. Application Only
  • BS to BLISS October 22
    Mon, 03 Oct
    03 Oct, 09:00 BST – 07 Oct, 21:00 BST
    Transform your life in the most powerful way!
  • Lendrick Lodge
    Fri, 11 Nov
    Lendrick Lodge
    11 Nov, 11:11 – 13 Nov, 11:11
    Lendrick Lodge, Lendrick Lodge, Callander FK17 8HR, UK
    Roam ancient lands and reconnect with your purpose.
  • Soul Circle in Nature (May 2023)
    05 May 2023, 17:00 – 08 May 2023, 10:00
    Coniston, East of Lake, Coniston LA21 8AA, UK
    We will be escaping busy life and retreating to the glory and magic of nature. There will be nature connection (with a nature expert), breathwork, yoga, sound healing, dance and transformational exercises galore!
  • Limitless (Aug)
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Limitless is arriving in August! Are you a business owner, space holder or creative looking to dive into expansion and tune into possibility in a way that feels fully aligned to your purpose? My longest program yet, set to propel you and your business.

Let's pop it in the diary shall we?

I Cannot Get This Wrong - Book

Listen to my debut book!