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Laura Gomez Murphy

Online & Marketing

Hey there, Joy  fam!

I'm Laura the marketing guru behind the scenes. But let's get real - I'm just the crazy creative who jumps at the chance to make things look pretty and get our message out there to the world.

Before I joined forces with Sarah and the team, I was working in film & television. From the bright lights of Hollywood to the sandy beaches of Cannes, I loved every second of it. I then decided to take a jump into music, I worked with some of the biggest platforms in the industry, helping artists grow their  presence and get their tunes into the ears of millions.

After a few years in the big smoke, I knew I needed a change of pace. I packed my bags, said goodbye to London, and headed up north to work with a marketing agency (did I mention I had a baba at this point).  After a few years I moved in with my lobster, left the agency, had two more babes,  built a house, and started my own marketing agency - and now I get to do what I love every day with the amazing team here at Joy HQ. The world is still my oyster, and I truly believe that with a little creativity and a whole lot of passion, anything is possible!

Fun Fact

As a kid I insisted my family call me Matthew. I’ll let you guys call me Laura though :) It’s funny as later in life I actually dated a guy called Matthew…

What Brings You Joy?

Playing with my kids, the little songs we make up that become anthems in our home,  spending time with Lee, snuggles, the sunrise, the sunset, nice smells, camping, birthdays, pizza & movie night in bed with the kids, live music, a good movie/ tv series, a good conversation, red wine and cocktails - I make a mean margarita :) Little traditions me and Lee have created for our lil family. I absolutely LOVE going on holiday with my crew! Oh and my dog Waffle obvs!

Self Care Habits?

Baths (with 3 babes I always communicate with Lee if I need some space to chill, otherwise the babes come searching for mama, and mama busy getting her chill on!)

Massage (even the word is soothing right!?)


Getting intentional with JOY and peppering the day with little sprinkles of joy.  A lady in the community once shared that she says to her kids ‘don’t have a good day, have a GREAT day!”, we now say this daily in our house, the kids shout back the second part and it’s so lovely and playful.  I know it’s not really self care but it feels good so it’s going in!! :)

Laura Gomez Murphy
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