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Emma Lucas

Admin Magician

Hey I'm Emma!

I have been by Sarah’s side since I was 12! We met in a French class when we were at high school and the rest, they say, is history! Before I joined the Joy Movement I have always worked in hospitality…cabin crew, hotels and events….then I took a long break whilst I jumped into raising my little family. During this time, I became a little lost, my self worth took a big dive and I wasn’t exactly happy with the person I’d become until a phone call with Sarah one day, which led to her asking me ‘what if nothing changes in 5 years time?’ Cue, Relationship Magic….this completely changed the relationship I had with myself.

I am now the kick ass admin magician that beavers away behind the scenes making everything tick! 

Fun Fact

I once worked at the Mayfair Hotel London and have rubbed shoulders with a few celebs including Lewis Hamilton, Rio Ferdinand, Dizzee Rascal, The Saturdays, Louis Walsh, Avril Lavigne, Amir Khan to name a few! 

What Brings You Joy?

SO many things bring me JOY! Spending time with my loved ones, dear friends, meeting new people, FOOD of all kinds, music, a good book, discovering new walks with my little family, the beach and fresh sea air, the beautiful mountains and lakes I live near…..also a good box set!

Self Care Habits?

Exercise is really important to me so I’m off to the gym every week and I also play netball in a local league, then come summer, I play rounders too! I also love to sneak off to the ‘quiet room’ to play the piano - the sound of the piano soothes my soul. 

Emma Lucas
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