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Emma Jupp

Lead Coach

Hey I'm Emma Jupp!

I am a huge empath! I sense deeply the emotional energy of others and am an intuitive and compassionate coach. I am particularly passionate about women’s empowerment and creating safe spaces for women to explore their inner worlds. I model authentic vulnerability with my emotions - my sensitivity is my true super power! I hold my clients in love and create an atmosphere of profound trust. I’m also lovingly spicy and am not afraid to push my clients and powerfully challenge their stories!

Fun Fact

Japan is my favourite country! I absolutely love everything Japanese.

I spent two amazing years living and working there in my younger years and I can’t wait to take my whole family there when the kids are older. It took me SEVEN attempts to pass my driving test! :-) I ran a red light, mounted a curb and shed alot of tears! HAHA! I am now a brilliant driver and I celebrate my perseverance SO MUCH!

What Brings You Joy?

Spending time outdoors brings me SO much joy! I love being on top of a mountain or paddle boarding with my friends. Feeling connected to nature feeds my soul!. Hearing my children’s sleeping noises is the most joyful sound ever! I love their gentle little snores and purrs as they are snoozing! :-) Eating delicious Japanese and Vietnamese food brings me an abundance of joy too!

Self Care Habits?

I have a daily gratitude practice which is non-negotiable for me - I like to journal or practise a morning gratitude meditation. I also love an evening meditation in bed whilst lying on my Shaki Mat. This practice really aids my sleep! I find warm water soothes and relaxes my body and. I LOVE a piping hot bubble bath with candles and some beautiful music! Creating time for solitude is also really important to me. I have a NEED for time alone and love going off by myself to recharge my batteries.

Emma Jupp
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