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Glitter & Sequins
In a nutshell

We spend the first half of the course looking into the most important relationship in your life.  The relationship that sets the benchmark for all your other relationships and experiences.  Your relationship with yourself.  We then dive deep into the law of attraction, communication and co-dependency.  I've also thrown in a few challenges and surprises too to get you out of your comfort zone and into change.

Oh and there's lots of glitter, lip-syncing, laughter, love, tears and you, exactly as you are.

Tunes & Dancing
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You will experience the following mixture of magic.  Evidence based approaches with fun, magic and a beautiful high vibe community to avoid the 'evidence based' yawn fest!

I have helped hundreds of people access joy, rekindle desire, attract their dream partners, overcome apathy and create a life full of connection and love.

Learn how to fall head over heels in love with life again.  Get the tools to connect meaningfully to yourself and others.

WEEKS 1- 4

  • Your relationship with you

  • Embody a gratitude attitude

  • The magic of presence

  • The law of attraction

WEEKS 5 - 8

  • Become a badass communicator

  • Communicate with compassion

  • Boundaries & Co-dependency

  • Surprises Galore!


  • Includes weekly private coaching with your own transformational coach.

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