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1:1 Bundle
1:1 Bundle

Date and time is TBD


Online Via Zoom With In-Person Event

1:1 Bundle

A new bundle has just launched with 1:1 coaching, access to JIVE and access to a full block of NIA to fully embody your coaching. 

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Online Via Zoom With In-Person Event

About the Event

The 1:1 coaching bundle is perfect for you if you LOVE the community aspect of self development yet prefer to keep your coaching sessions private. With our latest bundle you experience the best of both worlds: receive six personalised, in-depth coaching tailored to your needs, while also enjoying the benefits of community through a ticket to the JIVE event and access to NIA dancing classes.

Why invest in 1:1 coaching
  • Bespoke Support and Divine Accountability
  • Deep Psychological Insight and Spiritual Growth
  • Enhance your self-awareness, confidence, and connection to your vision
  • Experience rapid progress through focused and consistent sessions
  • Enjoy the privacy and confidentiality of 1:1 sessions, allowing you to explore sensitive issues at length
  • Feel supported, empowered and motivated with a trusted partner in your personal and spiritual development
This is for you if...
  • You Prefer Personalised Attention: You thrive in a setting where the focus is entirely on your unique needs, goals, and challenges. about your own psychology.
  • You Desire Privacy: You feel more comfortable exploring sensitive issues in a private, confidential setting rather than in a group environment.
  • You Enjoy Community Connections: You like the idea of combining 1:1 sessions with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals at the JIVE event.
  • You Desire Individual Accountability:  You thrive in a setting where the focus is entirely on you and your own personal development.
  • You Aim for Balance: You seek the best of both worlds—individualised, transformative coaching and the inspiring energy of a supportive community.
Why The Joy Movement?
  • Firstly, you won't find anything like The Joy Movement!
  • All coaches have been trained by Dr Sarah Madigan, a seasoned clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience in mental health.
  • All our coaches have at least 100 hours of coaching experience.
  • Unique synergy of clinical psychology and transformational coaching—you get the best of both worlds!
  • We love in-person connection and FUN!
  • Confidential and impeccable, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all


  • General Ticket

    Includes 6 x Coaching Sessions (With Qualified Coach) Ticket To JIVE (2024 or 2025) Block of NIA Dancing (Starting August)




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