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Raise your Vibration

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Our incredible "Raise Your Vibration" course is now available online! Lled by Clinical Psychologist Dr Sarah Madigan, it offers an deep dive into personal growth and mental wellness. This course is predominately video content ensuring flexibility to pause, rewind and complete it at your own pace. You'll uncover strategies to break unhelpful patterns, develop healthy boundaries, and gain insights into awesome psychological concepts like co-dependency, compassion, non-violent communication, among others. This foundation will not only increase your self-awareness but also enhance your understanding of your interactions with others. As you progress, themed challenges will encourage you to put theory into practice, enabling you to experience freedom, joy, and magic in your daily life. These exercises are designed to help you apply the insights gained from the course to real-world situations, enriching your personal and professional relationships - we often refer to these as graded exposure and integration. Participating in the FREE "Raise Your Vibration" course promises several benefits that extend far beyond the duration of the course itself. You will notice a significant increase in your self-awareness, enabling a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. This newfound knowledge will empower you to improve your relationships through the application of healthy boundaries, compassion, and effective communication.

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